If we unite, we can revive the local economy and absorb CO2 from the environment.

Let's activate local economies while absorbing CO 2

By adopting an agave for a year, you will not only be helping the planet to mitigate the effects of CO 2 emissions in one of the most polluted areas on the planet: the Mezquital Valley; You will also be contributing to detonate the local economy by enabling our productive project with local actors in the region.

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On the other hand, you can accompany us to the reforestation day that we will organize and receive news in your email about the state of the agaves and the progress of our production project.

about ecopil

We are an organization with 8 years of experience promoting talent, science and innovation with the aim of protecting biodiversity and proposing a more sustainable relationship with the natural resources of our country.

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forest program

Objective: to promote good practices of reforestation and conservation of species, promoting reforestation with native or low impact species, but high productivity, as well as production and education on forest species.


Volunteers involved

+ 34,960

Planted trees

46.5 Ha


Productive Project

Mezquital Valley (Phase I)

Thanks to your support, we will create a project for the agroforestry use of maguey and its derivatives, which integrates the traditional and cultural knowledge of this plant with new applications focused on the capture and mitigation of CO2 emissions.


This project directly impacts the communities of maguey producers in the State of Mexico, strengthening their administrative capacities and young professionals in the field in search of work experience.

Objectives of the first phase.

Plant 800 maguey and 800 Xoconostles in the Mezquital Valley Zone

Train and encourage the community in the generation of circular economies.

Empower , through education and training, local actors on inclusive businesses oriented to the use of maguey.

How I can help?


Adopt an agave

Adopt an agave for a year and join us in the reforestation of 8,000 species in the Mezquital Valley.



Share this initiative with people you think can support our cause.


Buy in our gallery

Visit our digital exhibition and acquire some of the works of Mexican artists supporting the environment and art.


By acquiring a work of art from our gallery #AdoptaUnAgave you will be promoting the talent of Mexican artists and contributing 20% of your purchase for reforestation with agaves in the national territory.

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