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National strategy to promote talent

and strengthening innovation nodes

Talent promotion plan and collaboration between innovation nodes to multiply the impact, alliances and investment in the three national programs to promote forests, wetlands and ecotourism.

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Establish a national strategy that encourages talent and strengthens Ecopil's nodes through our unique innovation model.

Boost from talent to productivity through coordinators and innovation agents for the implementation of the three Ecopil National Programs.

Technology transfer through National Programs for implementation at each node.

Increase of nodes in other states of the country to have a greater and broader impact of an environmental and social nature.


National Meeting of Social Innovation and Environmental Leadership

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Meeting of Nodes 2020

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Meeting of Nodes 2021

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Performed activities


people directly benefited


Innovation agents


State Youth Awards for Environmental Merit

Be part of us as an agent of innovation in the following activities:

Environmental workshops

Social and environmental training

Social campaigns

Pollinator garden

Environmental Fairs and Festivals

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