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COVID 19: Safe Schools

Biol. Nadia Itzel Burgos Mora

National Node Program Coordinator

Hojas verdes

What is it about?

In the context of the current global health crisis where hygiene measures are required to multiply to reduce the cases of COVID-19 in each country that has caused so much havoc on the quality of life of people, Ecopil had the initiative to improve the safety of young people and children for a safe return to school and expanding the drinking water network which is a most valuable resource at this time and the number of hand sinks is insufficient for the students of any school.

That is why through the call " Global Youth Take Action " by Youth for Water and Climate (YWC) we launched this project which will be carried out in two schools in the State of Mexico where the climate is semi-arid and water is not always a affordable resource for everyone, every day.

With this project, the objective is to use three times the water; the first being its collection , going through the correct washing of students' hands and later using it in the irrigation of a pollinator garden to promote biodiversity. As well as extra measures, such as the placement of sanitizing trays, signs and workshops for their correct use.

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What are we looking for?

With this project we intend to provide the drinking water necessary for hand hygiene and the correct hygienic measures for the current era for this large school sector that ranges from 6 years to 18 years, where there is a danger of being a red light for the multitude of people in a single point coupled with the fact that the families of each student would be indirectly exposed.


Here is a brief summary of the project below. You can also check our project from the YWC platform at this link .

Advantages of bringing this project to your school:


Hygiene protocol for all students


Low cost in infrastructure.


It suits your school and need.


Expansion of the network of school toilets.


Savings and access to drinking water.


Implementation of a garden for pollinators promoting biodiversity.


Improving your school's health safety.


Remember that we are an authorized donee. To obtain your tax receipt write us by inbox to any of our social networks or send an email to

School Registration

To enroll your educational institution in our program, just fill in the information below and we will contact you.

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