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Our team

Value proposal

Generate information to understand the world, promote talent and improve the environment by promoting good practices and building collaborative alliances.


Our history

Eight years ago a team of young people answered the call of our city to protect an essential hill for the biodiversity of our area. Our experience of collaboration and dialogue led us to develop a concrete methodology that we have been implementing for 8 years.

Our team

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Did you know… global greenhouse gas emissions have increased for 3 years in a row and the planet is one step away from potentially catastrophic climate change?

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In Apaxco, State of Mexico, mining is the economic activity that stands out the most. However, the excessive and irregular exploitation of the mining resource has brought notable consequences.

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In Mexico, as in much of Latin America, caring for the environment and social development are issues that regularly take a back seat on the political agenda, leaving an area of opportunity that is covered by environmental civil associations.

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