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2nd National Meeting of Social Innovation and Environmental Leadership

A meeting of innovators

Space for the encounter, the empowerment of the youth, the conservation of the biodiversity and the climatic action in the city of Boca del Río and Cabada, Veracruz.

Asynchronous sessions

Let's get engines ready for the 2nd National Meeting of Social Innovation and Environmental Leadership or its short name: Meeting of Nodes.

As of November 15 we begin with the asynchronous digital phase. Enjoy the training videos with our National Programs managers and other special collaborations.

Look at them on the day and time that best suits you from your cell phone or computer.


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Beautiful Landscape

Platinum Alliances


Thanks to the support of our corporate partners we can maximize our social impact!

Join the family

By joining us, you will become part of a community committed to promoting positive change for the environment at a local level with a global perspective, through Social Innovation & Environmental Management to understand the world, promote talent and improve the environment, building together good practices.


For the conservation of the sea turtles of Punta Puntilla through a mural, beach cleaning and signage for the empowerment of the community.

Collaborate with our cause

With your support, we create and develop sustainable innovation programs that impact our relationship with the environment. Also, your donation is tax deductible


Best Place to Volunteer 2020

Visit our CSR section and discover why we are one of the best places to volunteer according to CEMEFI.

Local Alliances

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