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Planting your garden can change the world

Are you worried about nature? You are not alone or alone. We are many advocates around the world who are actively involved in achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.


We are not going to fool ourselves. We know that the ecological problems we face are very serious. But we also know that if we all put in a grain of sand we can do very great things.


For this reason, at Ecopil we look for one in which everyone can participate from home in an easy and economical way. This is how our idea of ​​"Home Farming Networks" came about. A community of people who want to learn to sow in their homes and thereby improve their nutrition, generate a source of income by creating links with others and nature.


Contest: United Advocates Against Food Shortages .


To motivate the participation of children and families in Mexico, from our CA we are organizing our first contest "Defenders united against food shortages." It consists of awarding the most outstanding participant when it comes to cultivating their garden. The prizes that we will award at the end of the first harvest season will be:



  1. Place: An Ipad.

  2. Place: An Ecological Kit

  3. Place: A kit of books from CONABIO.



4 Benefits of having a garden at home

01 /

Reduce heat

The water present in the plants and the cultivated land makes the garden humid and this helps to absorb the heat, reducing the changes in temperature.

02 /

Source of income

"Planting your own garden is cheaper than going to the market. It can also become an economic activity per se, and it can eventually generate great social transformation in low-income communities ." Inter-American Development Bank

03 /

Improves food quality

Organic food is more nutritious. In addition, it facilitates the ability to discover alternative foods.

04 /

Jardín para Polinizadores

" Plants are related to each other and to insects, which enables the development of local fauna and flora, essential to reduce possible interference from exotic viruses ." Inter-American Development Bank

Contest registration

Competition rules.

1. The contest will take place from December 15 to March 21, 2021. Entries will remain open throughout the period, allowing those who so wish to join the competition.


2. The winners of the contest will be determined under a scoring system which will reward users for attending our digital trainings as well as for taking certain actions that we will announce at the appropriate time through our social networks, and in our whatsapp group .


3. Although the activity is developed for a school setting, there is no age limit, everyone can participate! All you have to do is sign up for our community list to receive all the information related to our community and our contest.



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