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On this page you can find the various ways in which you can collaborate with us:

Become a Volunteer

Find out in your email about our volunteers, webinars, trainings and innovation initiatives in favor of the reduction of global warming through reforestation, the preservation of water bodies in Mexico, and the promotion of responsible tourism that promotes a new culture of interaction with the natural environment.


Learn about and spread our reforestation campaign through which we detonate local economies and absorb CO 2 from the atmosphere


We work every day to build a community of socially responsible companies , whose growth strategy includes strengthening environmental commitment and quality at work, through the implementation of best practices, technology and trained personnel as a basis to retain talent, increase presence and obtain certifications and badges such as:

  • Clean Industry,

  • Socially responsible company,

  • ISO 26000,

  • Great Place To Work

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Collaborating with us means advancing in the fulfillment of your environmental obligations, as well as improving the environment, taking care of biodiversity and increasing your reputation and image as a company.

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Actively involving your staff allows you to strengthen work teams and reduce psychosocial risks, contemplated by NOM-035-STPS , which aims to establish the elements to identify, analyze and prevent psychosocial risk factors, as well as to promote a favorable organizational environment in the workplace. According to the field of application, NOM 035 applies throughout the national territory and applies in all work centers. The non-application of this NOM contemplates fines of up to $ 422,450 pesos.

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