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Please read the following terms carefully before sharing any data or information with us.

Ecopil Arte Crea Conciencia AC, is a civil association with address at Adolfo López Mateos street, s / n, Barrio de Santa María Apaxco, Estado de México, CP 55660, to hear and receive all kinds of notifications to the number 5999983254, it will be solely responsible of the treatment of the personal data that you provide us. Said information will be used to form a database that will remain in force for as long as Ecopil Arte Crea Conciencia AC (hereinafter, EACC) exists, for the following purposes: (i) Preparation of receipts and / or invoices, (ii) Shipping of greeting and thanks cards for the beneficiaries, volunteers, collaborators, associates, donors and other individuals or companies related to the association (iii) Preparation of a database for direct debits, (iv) Sending of invitations to conferences, seminars and cultural, social or environmental events in which EACC participates (v) Sending information, magazines and news or topics that EACC considers may interest you, as well as EACC news, communications or advertising, (vi) Sending communications and invitations to participate in EACC projects or in projects that, in his opinion, EACC considers that may interest him, (vii) Preparation of a database on beneficiaries and n the projects that EACC executes, (viii) evidences, (ix) Transparency and accountability or (x) Sending of notifications regarding changes in this privacy notice.

For the above, the information that EACC may request will be: i) Full name, ii) Tax data for receipts or invoices, iii) Date of birth, iv) Email, v) Telephone, vi) Postal address, vii) Origin, viii) Team that enters our facilities, ix) Curriculum vitae, x) Photographs, dissemination articles and testimonies, xi) Socio-economic surveys, (xii) Copy of your voter card, passport, driver's license, professional license or any other document proving your identity and xiii) Data on the credit card that the holder expressly accepts and wants your donation to be domiciled: name, card number, type of card, card holder, expiration date, address where you account statement, security number arrives.

In the case of photographs, dissemination articles and testimonials, EACC will use them for the purpose of raising awareness and producing educational material, with the aim of having material to achieve the corporate purpose, fundraising, transparency and accountability.

EACC reserves the right to share your personal data with the association's employees, collaborators and associates, who will process your information on behalf of EACC. [EACC will not share or transfer your personal data to third parties except in the cases provided for in the federal law on the protection of personal data held by individuals or in any other applicable legislation or regulation].

Based on annex 11 of the Federal Law on Protection of Private Data Held by Private Parties, sensitive personal data [blood type, DNA, fingerprint or skin color] will not be requested unless the campaign or project requires it and the person authorizes it with an autograph signature.

In the event that you require access to the personal data that EACC keeps of you to correct, rectify, cancel, or wish to oppose, limit its use and disclosure or exercise any other right that the Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data of Individuals, or any other applicable legislation or regulation, please send your request by email, telephone or by written notification to all of the following: José Luis Muciño Hernández ( and Jacqueline Ramírez Guzmán (jacquiramirez @ Your request must contain at least the following information: i. Your name and address, in order to respond to your request within the terms established in the applicable law; ii. A copy of your voter card, passport, driver's license, professional license or any other document that proves your identity; iii. The clear and precise description of the personal data on which you seek to exercise any of the aforementioned rights, as well as the clear and precise description of your request; and iv. Any other element or document that facilitates the location of said personal data.

EACC reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of this privacy notice, an action that it will notify by means of an announcement on its website ( ) and by means of an email to the address that you provide. You will have the right to cancel your personal data or to limit its use and disclosure in case there are changes in the terms and conditions of this privacy notice. This privacy notice is governed by the Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data Held by Private Parties and the other laws and regulations of the United Mexican States. Acceptance of this privacy notice implies your express submission to the courts of Mexico City, Federal District, for any controversy or claim derived from it.

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